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Come join the fun and celebrate with us.

This event is a celebration of the cultures from many different Latin American countries including Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay. This celebration has become a way for the community to showcase the cultures of the Latino people who live and work here. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico's victory at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Come to the festival grounds by the river on Main Street. Food vendors offer authentic Latin and American cuisine. Children can play on the rides. There are soccer and basketball tournaments to watch. Learn how to salsa dance while listening to the Mariachi Band. Later, learn the finer points of making salsa. The Hispanic Orchestra will play while you dance in the evening. Fun for the whole family on the second Saturday in May.

2017 Cinco de Mayo Planning Committee:

Angie Thuli, Anna Rose, AnnaLisa Ruesga, Caleb Stone, Colleen Reichling, Emma Behlen, Jeremy Williams, Kalee Crist, Michelle Ortega, Nita Burke, Olivia Ruesga, Pastor Craig Simenson, Pastor Nick McElrath, Shari Ruesga, Tom and Suzi Osterday, Tony Ruesga, Victor Torres, Zach Keister, and Tony Ruesga III.